WildSmiles are a fun alternative to conventional braces

Take your orthodontic braces from mild to wild with WildSmiles Braces®! WildSmiles are specially designed brackets that come in a variety of fun shapes including Stars, Hearts, Soccer balls, Footballs, Flowers, and Super-Diamonds®. Designed to make your orthodontic experience fun, WildSmiles are a unique alternative to traditional braces.

Personalize your orthodontic experience

With WildSmiles, you can choose your favorite shape and mix the brackets with colored elastics for added individuality and a completely custom experience.

How do WildSmiles braces work?

WildSmiles are low profile stainless steel braces that work just like traditional braces offering a comfortable feel. WildSmiles provides the same quality smile after treatment, but makes the journey to a perfect smile more fun.

Embrace Your Expression

It is simple to create your own personalized smile! Follow these easy steps and you will have WildSmiles Braces in no time!

  • Choose your smile - You get to decide what your smile looks during your treatment, so choose your favorite shape for a look that is all you!
  • Visit Baker Orthodontics for a braces consultation - WildSmiles are available at Baker Orthodontics. During your consultation, we can answer any questions that you may have.
  • Tell us which "Wild" shape you want to wear – Use this cool design tool to create your personal smile, then let us know on your next visit what you want!

Join the WildSmiles Community

After choosing your awesome smile, share it with our community



WildSmiles designer orthodontic brackets are made in the USA and patented designs offered exclusively through WildSmiles Inc. Use of logos, products and other proprietary information is expressly granted by WildSmiles Inc. A copy of all register trademarks and patents can be found on file at the USPTO.

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